Strength and Cardio

Sync Fitness is a heart rate based fitness studio providing a wide variety of options for men and women.  At the core is our Sync classes.  These classes are designed to provide you with a structured workout, designed by a certified personal trainer, that will challenge you to be the best “you” can be.  All movements can be fully modified to accommodate everyone, regardless of age or ability.  You work at your pace to keep your heart rate in your personal target zone.  Our trainers will work with you to set your goals and find your target zone.

Spinning class is a high-energy, fat burning group class in our dedicated spinning room.  With your individual heart rate target zone, these classes can also be modified to your ability.  Come ready to work and enjoy some great music.

Program & Class Types


Sync is a fun, fast moving, full body, high intensity interval training program created to be different every day!  It is designed to keep you engaged and energized, challenging you in all of the guidelines of fitness, cardio, resistance, flexibility and function.  Modifications are always available.  The Sync workout will include the use of treadmills, rowers, weights, kettlebells, pull-up bars, ropes, med balls, Bosu balls, Cross Core straps, steps and more!!

Sync Masters

Sync Masters will be a low impact, modified Sync class for anyone looking for a slower pace.  This is the perfect class for someone 55 and up, pregnancies or post injuries.


Spinning class is one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular endurance while burning lots of calories!!  The greatest part is that you are in control the whole time, using your individual resistance knob.  Our Spinning Brand certified instructors have the highest level of knowledge and expertise in the fitness industry.  They will lead you through a series of hills, intervals and sprints, encouraging you to push and challenge yourself every step of the way to achieve your personal goals!!

Sync Combo

Sync Combo will be a mix of two classes where we switch in the middle!! Sure to keep your interest by changing up your regular routine.


Pilates builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body.  Emphasis is put on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core and improving coordination and balance.  This class is for all levels and will mainly use your own body weight and/or some accessories.  You will get stronger, more sculpted muscles and boost your flexibility.


Yoga is suitable for all levels.  Yoga practice emphasizes physical postures and strength, mindfulness and listening to the body.  The capabilities of each person will be broadened through the instruction of healthy alignment and breath.

Barre Blast

Barre Blast combines isolation exercises using a barre, light free weights, bands, balls and segments of quick paced movements to keep your heart rate in the correct zone.  This fat-burning, full body workout will alternate between strength training barre exercises and low-impact cardio “blasts”.  Barre Blast also incorporates stretching segments so you will lengthen your body and increase flexibility while you increase muscle tone.

Open Gym

Open gym hours will be available in the Sync room during various times that a class is not taking place.  This is an unstructured time that allows you to work independently at your own pace and level using the provided equipment.

Private Personal Training

Private personal training provides for one-on-one training with an experienced and certified Personal Trainer upon request.  Whatever your need or desire, we will work with you on setting goals, providing feedback and accountability.  A safe and effective plan will be tailored to your specific fitness level in order to achieve maximum results.

Nutritional Counseling Services

We offer nutrition planning with a licensed dietician as an additional offering.  Plans are $125 for initial consultations, $50 for each additional visit.  Our dietician will provide education and guidance on adapting to a healthy lifestyle rather than another DIET, as well as a nutrition assessment to create an individual meal plan according to your body type and needs.