Sync Fitness came about after many discussions of syncing workouts!! Taking weights(dumbbells/kettlebells), bands, bars, medballs, spinning, running, rowing, stretching, and syncing them together to create a FAT blasting, high calorie burning workout!

Heart rate technology gives you the ability to regulate your own level of intensity. This is an extraordinary advantage to add to your workouts, by allowing each person to get an individualized workout. It enables you to see if you are overtraining (pushing too hard), or not reaching your potential (not pushing hard enough). Once you learn your own optimal heart rate range the opportunity to build strength and endurance are endless!! It’s a constant reminder that keeps us on track with our body.

Sync Fitness is all about change ups, keeping your body guessing, never plateauing!! Our workouts are not a fad or quick fix! These workouts are created to give you the variety your body needs, along with the nutrition education and service to guide you to a healthy lifestyle.

So, less overtraining and injuries and more results, energy, endurance, strength, flexibility, and BALANCE!!!!

A message from the Owner

Growing up on the north side of Lafayette, I decided to stick to my roots and open Sync Fitness right here in the heart of Carencro!!! I love to see familiar faces and to be a part of a growing community!!! I believe Sync Fitness has something a little something extra to offer; Carencro deserves high-quality services with new technology, new equipment, heart rate training, and dedicated certified trainers to give that one on one attention to each and every member that walks through the door.

Heart rate training is not a new concept. However, we see the significance of using it and want to educate and share this information with our members. We want to give Carencro and the surrounding areas the best quality service and affordable pricing around!! We want to appeal to all levels of fitness, beginners, intermediate, and advanced, both men and women.  Sync Fitness will provide quality service so that there is no reason to drive across town!!!

Sarah Blanchard